CTCEF’s 16th Annual Conference, September 29, 2015

Bay Path University’s Jeff Greim presented an important conference workshop, “Strategies for Improving the Effectiveness of Your Board,” which covered non-profit life cycle stages, important modes of functioning, structure vs. process, board member recruitment and training, term limits or not, performance measures, and much more.

Registration packet handouts included an updated version of CTCEF’s Foundation Checklist, which all of you should check once a year. Download it for your files.

CTCEF’s 15th Annual Conference, September 30, 2014

Richard L. Schwab, PhD, Dean and Raymond Neag Endowed Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut, presented the keynote talk, “A Portrait of the Teaching Profession in the Era of Reform.”  The last third included suggestions for the role that community-based education foundations can play in helping to enhance the profession in meaningful ways.

Attorney Gary Attmore’s workshop, “Legal Check-Up: Bylaws and Other Organizational Matters,” included an excellent handout that all foundations should use to help them identify issues that need attention.

Fundraising professional, Bob Serow, explained the shift in fundraising from transactional giving to transformational giving and covered making your fundraising case, selling it, launching your fundraising plan, and the major gift fundraising cycle. He also covered how to calculate your fundraising event’s return on investment.

CTCEF’s 14th Annual Conference, October 1, 2013

Trish Brigham, Cape Elizabeth (ME) Education Foundation, presented a workshop on how to put together a board that collectively possesses the skills your organization needs. Read her presentation and notes from the discussion to learn more.

Robyn Oatley, Prichard Committee and ReadyKY, stressed the importance of community engagement for successful schools and students. The first handout is a quick explanation of the core standards and the measurement of student progress. The second handout provides more information.

Dianna Roberge-Wentzell, CT State Department of Education, gave a PowerPoint presentation that included detailed information about the Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessments.

CTCEF Regional Workshop, April 3, 2013

“Lessons Learned in Revitalizing an Education Foundation”
Presenter Lori Brantner shared handouts that included a comprehensive list of resources with links that all foundations should have.

CTCEF’s 13th Annual Conference, October 2, 2012

CTCEF’s 2012 conference registration packets included a page of observations about Web sites that may help you and your foundation.

Melissa Morriss-Olson, Bay Path College, presented the latest research on what motivates people to give and specific strategies you can use to better connect donors to your organization and cause. Learn more from Melissa’s PowerPoint slides.

CTCEF’s 12th Annual Conference, October 4, 2011

Registration packet handouts included CTCEF’s Foundation Checklist, which all of you should check once a year. Download it here for your files.

CTCEF Regional Workshop, April 5, 2011

“Facebook and Local Education Foundations – A Panel Discussion”
Each panel member shared a useful handout: Jane DeMaioKate Ebbott, and Joanne Beers.

CTCEF Regional Workshop, November 10, 2009

“E-Branding: Using Technology and Social Media to Enhance Your Image and Expand Your Donor Base”
Presenter Sandra Hastings shares her PPT here.

CTCEF’s 10th Annual Conference, October 6, 2009

Kelli Wells, Executive Director for U.S. Education Programs, GE Foundation, was the keynote speaker. Her topic was “U.S. K-12 Education.

Brooke Csukas, Account Executive, eTapestry, presented a workshop on Internet Trends and Effective Social Networking.

CTCEF Regional Workshop on May 20, 2009

“Fundraising in a Difficult Economic Environment”
Presenters Amy Hines and Melissa Morriss-Olson presented a CTCEF Regional Workshop distributed a Checklist for Education Foundations to Raise Funds in a Tough Economy.

CTCEF Regional Workshop on February 28, 2009

“Financial Planning for Your Education Foundation”
Some of the topics included in presenter Sara Pflueger’s handout, General Bookkeeping Guidelines, are bookkeeping systems, internal and external financial reporting, internal financial controls, and definition of terms.