Q1. What is a local education foundation?

A. Local education foundations contribute resources to support public education. They are non-profit organizations whose boards represent local community, business, and education leaders. Each is unique in its operation, its programs, and the resources it provides to the community, but all share a common commitment to improving education at the local level. Education foundations:

• Raise funds to support education in their public schools and local communities
• Recognize the importance of teachers and their contribution to excellence in education
• Provide their communities with information on current trends in education
• Serve as conveners with other non-profit groups to address community issues relating to education

Q2. How do we start an education foundation?

A. Starting a local education foundation includes the following steps. For detailed information and resources, contact CTCEF.

1. Organizing – set up core group, do research on education foundations, assess needs and interest, recruit
….board members who reflect your community, create mission statement and goals
2. Legal steps – file for Certificate of Incorporation, write bylaws, obtain tax I.D. number, file for 501(c)(3) status
3. Financial steps – get seed money from board members, open checking account, establish bookkeeping system
4. Statement of purpose – write and discuss before presenting to schools and community
5. Identify projects and an allocation process
6. Develop and implement a fundraising and friend-raising plan

CTCEF’s conference workshops and regional workshops cover topics that help people with starting an education foundation, with meeting their foundation’s growth and effectiveness challenges, and with revitalizing their foundation. Check Upcoming Events for our next conference and regional workshops. Let us know your suggestions for future workshop topics.